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New Moon Mexico Abalone 454g
New Moon Mexico Abalone 454g
New Moon Mexico Abalone 454g
New Moon Mexico Abalone 454g
New Moon Mexico Abalone 454g
New Moon Mexico Abalone 454g
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New Moon Mexico Abalone 454g

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No. 1 Best Selling Abalone Brand in Singapore. Wild Mexican Abalone is the most exclusive abalone range in the world. They are grown in pristine, clear waters with the right salinity and temperature. The prevailing surf over the waters forces abalones to exert their muscles when they move during feeding. This makes the abalone meat more supple and delicious. 

Being a marine food source, abalones harness concentrated nutritional elements from the seas. They contain protein which provides essential amino acids to aid in the building and maintenance of bodily tissues. New Moon Abalones* are low in fat and trans-fat free, which makes abalone a naturally nutritious food product. 

Abalone, Water, Salt

Allergy Information:
Contains Shellfish.

Storage Condition:
Store in a cool and dry place


New Moon Mexico Abalone - the largest, rarest, most precious abalone species in the world
Wild caught and precious due to its rarity, New Moon Mexico Abalones are hand-harvested sustainably and legally to comply with local regulatory authority. The crème de la crème of Abalone, New Moon Mexico abalone is prestigious and very flavourful. Halal Certified and ready-to-eat, a healthy source of natural protein, vitamins and minerals. Accredited by Nielsen as Singapore’s No.1 Best Selling Abalone.



Super Rare Haliotis Fulgens (Blue) and Super Rare Haliotis Corrugata (Yellow), native only to Mexico Waters

Crystal clear waters of Natividad on Baja California

Wild-caught Abalone, the largest, rarest, most precious abalone species in the world. Found only in deep waters

Beige Greyish Flesh Colour

Takes more than 7-15 years to grow to good size for legal catching (15-20cm)



The Journey from Harvest to Processed

The abalones are hand-harvested directly from the ocean floor. Only highly-skilled, experienced fishermen are able to catch as its very difficult to reach to the ocean's depth. The abalones are harvested legally and sustainably.

The abalones are kept chilled during the transportation. Once arrive at the facility they are shucked and cleaned. The processing techniques are developed over more than 60 years.


Quality Check

Stringent quality checks are done on every shipment batch, with hundreds of cans opened for QC every year. The QC procedures start from can pressure, liquid testing, weight check, production to sealing checks.


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