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New Moon Bird Nest Snow Fungus Soup by Cathy (@MeowCathy16)

 3 - 4 Servings

New Moon Bird Nest Snow Fungus Soup


1 bottle of New Moon Superior Bird nest

1 piece dry snow fungus

50g lotus seeds

10 red dates

15g wolfberries

2L water

Rock sugar to taste


1.Soak the dry snow fungus, wash & discard the hard ends at the bottom. Break snow fungus into smaller pieces2. Remove lotus seeds pith & rinse3. In a pressure cooker, add in snow fungus, lotus seeds & 2L of water. Cook for a total of 30mins with add on ingredients (red dates, wolfberries & rock sugar) in the last 10mins.

4. Scoop some dessert soup into a bowl. Then, open a bottle of Bird nest & pour into it when ready to eat.