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New Moon Bird Nest Coconut White Fungus by Serene (@Cookinginserenity)

 3 - 4 Servings

New Moon Bird Nest Coconut White Fungus


1 bottle of New Moon Superior Bird Nest6g white fungus (remove stem n soak in water till soft ) .

1 tablespoon Apricot seeds (north n south)

5 pcs Dried longans

6-8 pcs Wolfberries

1 Coconut (pour out water n take out fresh)


1.)Put all ingredients back in the coconut husk except wolfberries

2.)Reduce 4 tablespoon of coconut water n pour in the bird’s nest

3.)Cover the lid n simmer in low heat for 30 mins

4.)Once done, scoop into the bowl n add in wolfberries (you can add them in together with the rest)